Ocean Gypsy

Ocean Gypsy

Dmitry Zabula – the founder and the head of successful school of surfing Endless summer at Bali – talked to ACUTE about indonesian and his own lifestyle.

When and how you got the first surfboard?
I was earlier engaged in a kitesurfing professionally, in 2003 became champion in Russia. At that time there was popular a wave-driving on kite and I bought board which it was possible to ride both on kite and without it. I completely passed to surfing soon and in 2007 at Bali bought my first surfboard.

The idea of creation of own school was born as business strategy or as a personal need to realize the interest?
It was rather a requirement to realize the professional potential and an opportunity to be late to Bali for some time to surf how many I will want. This improbable feeling when in the beginning you are full of doubts if your plan will be successful but as a result everything turns out.

You don't imagine Bali without... what?
Without surfing, obviously. For the sake of it I moved here. I travel a lot and I don't know other place where it's possible to surf on ideal and so various waves almost every day, all the year round. Moreover in warm water.

Tell about your favourite spots at Bali.
My preferences constantly change depending on my addictions in surfing at the moment. There are a lot of spots at Bali, all of them are different: pipes, big and powerful, small and comfortable, right, left, confidential, for longboard, for shortboard etc.

Where on the island do you like to spend free time?
I have no favourite places, I like basically everything that situated down near the ocean – everywhere there is something special. Bukit is very pleasant place, it's the southern peninsula which is mostly located on a height. Rocky coast, transparent ocean, powerful waves. In the distance from the ocean, I like only one place – Batur volcano. Atmosphere there is also very pleasant, even air is different. It's cool to rise by the mountain at sunrise, to walk round a crater and then to swim for a while in the cool lake and to lay in hot springs.


Which life experience you got living at Bali?
Here I've self-actualized. I live where I want and I am engaged in what I really like. And it's not only livelihood, but also a way to satisfaction with life. Due to life at Bali I became a happy person.

Try to find three main differences of the Indonesian lifestyle from european.
Indonesian vital way defines moslem. But people at Bali live under the influence of hinduism. Locals here are saying: time is rubber. I tried very hard, but I can't achieve the necessary result as quickly, as in the megalopolis. I lost many nervous cages before learned not to go against the stream. But surprisingly everything turns out simpler and quicker if not to force an events and business. People at Bali interests «now» way more, «then» excites them much less. They can't understand what work for perspective means, therefore they will rather lease the house for one month for $1000, than agree to hand over it for $700 a month within a year. The majority has no aspiration to result, there is no desire to reach something bigger. Truly happiness for them is where the are and what they have right now. Something will change? Ok. Nothing will change? Ok.

And how Bali changed from the moment of your moving there?
I spent here more than 6 years and now I can understand those who live at Bali for 10-15 years and complains of tourists and an urbanization. You can't stop progress. Certainly there are positive sides, for example, the remarkable highway which reduces a way to favourite spots from an hour to 20 minutes. But island develops too quickly and irresponsibly. Some of the most beautiful beaches already disappeared, instead of them are huge jams now. But I don't complain. As well as it is accepted by locals, I perceive it as a reality.