There's nothing like the state of travelling. This trip has been a long overdue. Munich is a great mix of charming places and laid-back atmosphere. Rent a bike. It's a really pleasant way of sightseeing.

The Munich Stadtmuseum is one of Munich's cultural center pieces. The museum features art and instruments from all over the globe and also German specific pieces.

Marienplatz is one of the most unique aspects of Munich's culture. Churches have semi-gothic architecture and billboards are nowhere to be found. We travelled its space on a gloomy day and watched the ornaments being hung.

SODA is a stunning store with a huge variety of magazines and books. It's a friendly space with independent erotic publications, travel almanacs, graphic design issues and even culinary art.
As a visitor be prepared to flip through all the issues on the shelves found in the store. Not purchasing something inside of SODA is highly difficult.

HAY store 
German culture has always had a sharp eye for design and usability. Hay is furniture store that combines these two essential concepts. Their store features uniquely designed products that enable well-living in your own home.

Olympiapark is one of Munich’s finest architectural landmarks. It served as a sports ground for the Olympic games in 1972 and currently many cultural events are held there. Our very own editor Nastya took a tour of its grounds on a grey -yet typical- day in Munich.
It’s precise architecture is a common element in the German culture and also appealing to the spectator. One could equate the stadium itself to a circus with the replicated steel huts that hover over the attendees. 

Documenting the day on film Nastya Gerak wields her 35mm film camera and captured the stark visuals a vacant stadium radiates. The surroundings and architecture resemble a very Richard Serra like way of combining art and landscapes.

Photography and words ANASTASIA GERAK